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Smart warehouse for logistics service providers: what is it?

Nowadays, many things around us are smart. You undoubtfully have a smartphone just like me. Maybe you even own a smartwatch. Also televisions, thermostats and fridges come in smart versions of themselves. Before you know it, your entire house is packed with smart articles. Does this make it a smart house? I do not think […]

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The transition towards digital forwarding platforms

According to consultancy Transport Intelligence (Ti), forwarders that cannot offer transparency, easy quotation and booking options, and the desired level of customer services shippers demand will quickly lose customers to those that can. That is quite a statement. How do you make sure it won’t hit your business? Acting transparent to optimize the customer experience […]

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Prioritize your stock counts with Cycle Counting’s new flavors

As a logistics service provider, you are the expert when it comes to the popularity of your customers’ products. Namely, you often see them coming along during the goods-in and -out processes in your warehouse. That is, more often than the less popular ones. Therefore, for these fast moving goods, it is more important to […]

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How to: Logistics KPI in practice – ABC Analysis

Would you like to see immediately how to set up the automatic ABC Analysis in Microsoft Dynamics? Set the values for ABC, watch the video at the bottom of this blog and set it up in just a minute! The efficiency of your warehouse stands or falls with a correct classification of the goods. The […]