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Some time to spare; copy information from your import-/export documents

We are always searching for ways to complete our activities faster, easier and more efficient. We do this in our private lives, as well as in our jobs. That makes sense, because the less time we waste on doing tasks manually, the more time we can spend on business we find the most important. This […]

Articole How to New features WMS

Gain insights into the most recent delivery status in two simple steps

Staying at home all day waiting for a package to be delivered are long gone. Nowadays, you receive a message at least a day upfront containing the estimated time of arrival, way before the actual delivery. In this way, the transporter and retailer want to inform us as good as possible. However, we do not […]

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Prevent financial consequences by declaring transit documents too late

The international trade is slowly gaining strength again. In the last couple of months, it has been nothing but surviving for your company. However, now, it seems there is a glimmer of light on the horizon: foreign productions have started up again, the number of orders is rising and the prices in airfreight are going […]

Articole How to New features WMS

Get insights into your inventory in a blink of an eye

In the last couple of months, the demand, turnover rate, and popularity of goods in your warehouse have been completely twisted. Home sports articles, food, and DIY tools golike hotcakes while other products may stay in your warehouse a lot longer. Your inventory management is tested to its limits. That and the fact that keeping […]

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Manage your profiles in just 6 easy steps

Whether it is the background on our PC or the colors used in our online calendar, we all like to adjust things to our preference more than anything. We do this for almost everything we can control, both privately as in our job. In the case of the latter, you want to set up your […]

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Optimize your reach truck activities with X-Y Coordinates

As a logistic service provider, you would want to use your reach trucks as efficiently as possible. You want to minimize the “empty” meters, without losing track of the priorities of the different activities. However, the more activities and reach trucks are active in your warehouse, the more difficult it will be for your employees […]

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Approving invoices anytime, anywhere and on any device

The logistic branch is always in motion. In the past, work may have been limited to your office but nowadays it isn’t anymore. However, you are still expected to take action at any time for your customers and clients. Approving invoices is no exception. How do you make sure your financial communication goes fluently? And […]

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Insufficient goods in your warehouse? Complete your orders with backorders

Inventory management is not an easy job. You would know that all too well. One moment a product can be extremely popular, while next month you aren’t delivering any of this product. Thanks to your experience, knowledge and analysis, you can predict certain patterns. However, perfectly managing your inventory is almost impossible. Therefore, you may […]

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Business Central: get a sneak peak of the new look & feel

This spring, we start with the updates to the new version of Business Central. What changes due to this update and at least as important: what does the new interface look like? The new web client A Microsoft Dynamics webclient is nothing new. Since 2012, when releasing NAV 2013, Microsoft already launched a web client. […]

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Automatically calculate your location capacity

Every day our environment is becoming more and more online. This goes for how we communicate, where we get our information from and where we do our shopping. It does not matter if these are groceries, electronics or furniture; you can get everything on the internet. That this trend has a direct effect on your […]