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The fastest route to a working solution

Managing the application, keep track of all new functionalities, track, analyze and solve problems in your process and also making sure your knowledge is up to date. With all these tasks on your plate, as a key-user, you do not have an easy job, but you do have an important one. You are partly responsible for implementing 3PL Dynamics in your organization. You know the process, you understand what issues there are on the work floor and you have excellent knowledge of the software solution. However, where do you get your knowledge from? And even more important: when you do have the knowledge, how can you use this to bring the solution live successfully.

What way of learning fits you?

Whether Microsoft releases a new version of Business Central or Boltrics adds new functionalities to 3PL Dynamics, you and the rest of the Boltrics peloton are regularly faced with innovations and changes. Because these innovations will help you to set up your process even more efficiently or make working with the software easier, we think it is of great importance that you as a (key)user have enough possibilities to expand your knowledge of the solution. Important is that you can determine when you want to spend time on it and what way of learning works best for you. Therefore, we regularly keep you posted on new functionalities through our newsletter and you can find a great deal of blogs on our website explaining new features, how to set up a process and the use of different modules. Furthermore, we think it is important to provide the right tools for you to gain knowledge as effectively and efficiently as possible. Therefore, we have asked the input of our customers in a poll.

Interactive learning or in front of your own screen?

In this poll we asked the members of the user association what way of learning fits them best. The result: almost half of the users prefer to learn in an interactive way in a (online) classroom with other users.

No matter what way of learning you prefer, we see the importance of your preferences and, if possible, we will offer the most efficient way for you to maintain your knowledge. Do you prefer to learn from a consultant or expert, like the majority of our users? Then you may find that the workshops and courses are perfect for you. Do you rather learn while reading, working or watching in front of your own screen? Then you may want to expand your knowledge through our blogs and webinar, as does 40% of the asked users.

The key user in the spotlight

As mentioned earlier, you, as a key user, have a very important task. Therefore, it is important that you have enough knowledge to do your work effortlessly. The first steps are already made during the implementation. One of the outcomes of the poll was that more than half of the users say they learned to work with 3PL Dynamics during the implementation. Because you are already working with the Boltrics’ solution since day one, you are the most experienced user within your organization. this experience is a necessity since you are the first line of support to the rest of the users. The other end users only learn on the job. Therefore, they require your support.

For you to support your co-workers as best as you can, Boltrics shares knowledge in its blogs, news articles and how-to descriptions. In this way, you can quickly find answers to solve problems or to set up processes more efficiently. When you are in need of more information or skills regarding a specific topic, you can dive deeper into the solution through the offered courses and workshops.

Directly put your knowledge into practice

These educational tools are in line with the wishes of the peloton and the results of the poll. To support you to the best of our abilities and to make sure you receive the knowledge in the right way to apply it, we offer two different setups: courses and workshops.

  • Courses: the courses are focused on learning in the (online) classroom. The central element is the transfer of knowledge from trainer to trainee. Based on what you’ve learned, you can improve your own process or get more insights into a specific part of the software.
  • Workshops: The workshops take it one step further, as these combine learning and implementing. As in the course, the workshop takes place in a (online) classroom as well, but in smaller groups. You check in with your own request and finish off with a working solution. The win: at the end of the workshop you go live with your new process.

In both the course and the workshop , you learn from your trainer, focus on your own objectives and learn from others in your branch. Combining the preferred learning objectives: learning from a consultant, share experiences with classmates and put your knowledge in to practice right away.

Ready to become an expert?

Do you want to keep your knowledge up to date? Discover which workshop or training course may be perfect for you. Do you have a question about a topic that is not available yet? Let us know and share your suggestion via

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